Democracy Camp York: Day Two

The camp and the ruins

Cupcakes, rain, sleep deprivation and a twenty one gun salute: it’s been an odd forty eight hours all told.

The reaction from the public here has been fantastic: visitors have come along to show support, take material, have discussions, and see just what it’s all about. Several folks have brought us gifts, from brownies, fairy cakes and sandwiches to financial donations and political material. Plenty of passersby, both locals and tourists, have stopped in for a chat, some to talk about the cuts, others about the wider political situation and how to deal with it. One sentiment came through more than any other: this bullshit has to stop.

On the media front, The Yorker – a student paper at the University of York – ran a (slightly misleading – we’re not all students!) article on the camp, plus a visit from a number of photographers.

A series of meetings and events have been planned for the weekend, while much of today has been spent preparing a collective statement to be issued as the camp comes to a close. Tonight sees an open public assembly, together with a meeting to discuss action around the 30th June.

The atmosphere is good and the camp remains upbeat. See you there!


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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