Democracy Camp York: Not an end, but a pause

Taking down the camp...for now

After three days and nights, Democracy Camp York has vacated Library Square as planned, with a shared agreement that while the camp may be gone for now, it is not gone for good. We will be back.

Saturday evening saw a discussion of possible actions for 30th June, the day of both mass public sector strikes and the first meeting of the new City of York Council. A range of ideas were floated, with a general agreement to turn the 30th into a day of mass action across the city. More details to follow!

The final day saw the camp issue a joint statement. While thoroughly reformist in nature, the statement – and the camp itself – reflect the need of people in York, around the country and around the world to find a way out of the situation we are in, a crisis we did not create but for which we are suffering.

More than opposing the cuts, the camp and the discussions around it – both within the camp and with visitors and casual passersby – reflected a deep distrust and dissatisfation with the political and economic systems under which we live. Any number of proposals were brought up for discussion, from the Robin Hood Tax and greater business regulation to Proportional Representation and regional assemblies. However well-intentioned these calls may be, demands for electoral reform or a “nicer” capitalism are simply not enough. We need more. We deserve better.

This world is ours. Let’s take it back.

See you on the 30th.

Love & rage,

A York Anarchist


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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