Write to Frankie

The campaign to Free Frank Fernie has been in contact with both Frank and his family, and an agreement has been reached to make his contact details public to allow supporters to write to him.

Before doing so however, please consult this guide to writing to prisoners from Brighton Anarchist Black Cross. Messages can be sent by post, or via emailaprisoner.com

Frankie’s details are as follows:

Mr Francis Fernie
PI Number- A7663CE
Feltham Young Offenders Institute
Bedfont Road
TW13 4WD

Media and blog updates (note: linking to a site does not in any way guarantee we agree with its politics):

In related news, Charlie Gilmour has been sent down for sixteen months as a result of the student protests over the winter. Infantile Disorder recently posted an article discussing Frankie, Gilmour, Edward Woolard, and the overtly political nature of their sentencing. All policing is political but cases such as these bring it to the fore for many.

Supporters in York will be in Parliament Street from noon onwards tomorrow (Saturday 16th July), while the campaign to free Frankie has its next meeting on Wednesday 20th July, 7:30pm, at Marmadukes Hotel on St. Peters Grove, Bootham.

As ever, love, rage and solidarity,

York Anarchists


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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