Inside and Out

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Anarchyland. Between Frank Fernie and Charlie Gilmour getting jailed, a hundred odd UK Uncut protestors having their charges dropped, anti-fascists in trouble in London and anarchists getting raided in Seattle, we’ve had a fair bit to keep track of.

Oh, and some fuckwit in Norway killed a bunch of people. Despite early claims that this was the work of some sort of Islamic group, it seems the shooter was in fact a domestic far-right figure, closer to McVeigh than al-Sadr, and that he had links with the UK’s own English Defence League. I feel a Manics moment coming on…

US radio host Glenn Back has, with his usual charm, tact and sensitivity, compared victims of the shooting to the Hitler Youth. Keep it up, Glenn. You’re doing more to make your lot look like irrelevant wankers than most anarchists could even dream of.

But anyway.

First up, Frank Fernie. The Free Frank Fernie campaign (petition here) is meeting weekly (7:30pm, Wednesday, Marmadukes Hotel in Bootham), with petitioning in York city centre each Saturday (meet noon at the fountain on parliament street). A protest  is planned for 6th August, while in the meantime, various fundraising and publicity events are being organised, and a PayPal account has been set up to help raise funds for family to visit Frank as well as covering stamps, envelopes, writing paper, etc. Donations to the account can be made here (give the address when prompted).

A reminder, if you want to get in touch with Frank you can do so by post or by email; details are as follows:

Mr Francis Fernie
PI Number- A7663CE
Feltham Young Offenders Institute
Bedfont Road
TW13 4WD

(Note: previous info had a missing digit in the PI number.)

Down in London, a number of anti-fascists have been imprisoned on charges relating to an incident around a Blood and Honour gig two years ago. Supporters have launched a site to show solidarity and post updates on their situation.

For anyone wishing to write to the above-mentioned prisoners, Brighton Anarchist Black Cross have a useful guide.

Meanwhile, across the pond in Seattle, police recently raided an anarchist party, arresting seven and attacking people with shovels. More details to follow; in the meantime, there is a legal fund open on PayPal to help pay for legal costs, bail, etc. (donate to

In happier news, 109 of the Fortnum and Mason cases – UK Uncut activists arrested following an occupation of Fortnum and Mason during the 26th March anti-cuts protest – have had their cases dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, as prosecution was deemed not in the public interest. Good times 🙂

There’s probably a good way to end this post. Bugger knows how. But in the meantime –

Love, rage and solidarity,

– A York Anarchist


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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