Conference season

Last October, protestors gathered in Birmingham outside the Conservative party conference. It seems like a lifetime ago; Millbank was just a building, the Ritz was just a hotel, and Ed Miliband was just a bland, rather forgettable figure who’d done over his brother.

Now things have changed somewhat. Between the student protests, strikes, occupations, riots and clinically dangerous levels of dubstep, the political landscape looks rather different.

Though Ed Miliband is still a bland, rather forgettable figure who did over his brother. At least he’s managed to shake that whole “red Ed” business.

A coachload of protestors from York travelled down to Birmingham last year and marched through rain, cold and far too many vuvuzelas as a protest against the Conservative Party and its plans for our future.

This year, we’re doing it again.

On Sunday 18th September, the Liberal Democrats will be holding their autumn conference in Birmingham. A demonstration has been called by a range of anti-cuts groups and unions. The York coach leaves at 9 am from Memorial Gardens on Leeman Road (near the station). Tickets can be bought online, or in person at meetings of York Stop the Cuts – every two weeks at the Black Swan on Peasholme Green – get in touch at or by calling or texting 07980316414.

Two weeks later, Sunday 2nd October, the Conservatives are holding their conference in Manchester. A demonstration has been called for the day; the York coach leaves at 10am, again from  Memorial Gardens. Tickets are available online, or through the same details given above.

Planning is still underway, and updates will be posted here and on our Facebook periodically.


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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