The riots

The last few days have seen scenes of rioting through London following the killing of a man, Mark Duggan, by police. The riots erupted following a demonstration in Tottenham on Saturday 6th August demanding answers from the police about what happened, and rapidly spread to other areas in London further afield. They continued for a third night, with similar incidents breaking out in Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, and elsewhere through the country.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, certain quarters have chosen to associate this with anarchism – from the Daily Mail claiming “a mob of 200 anarchists” attacking a jewellers in Enfield (claims echoed by Sky News (skip to 0:35 in the video)) to Deputy Mayor of London Kit Malthouse casually throwing anarchists in along with “part of organised gangs or just feral youth”.

While it is too early to draw in-depth conclusions from the events of the last few days, there do seem to be some parallels with the riots in the suburbs of Paris in 2005.

David Cameron has announced Parliament is to be recalled this week to discuss the situation, as 16,000 police – including some from York – are set to patrol through London.

Rather than attempt to give comment, here’s some analysis from elsewhere. Note: linking to an article should not be taken as endorsing all its contents, nor should linking to a site be taken as full agreement with that site or group’s politics.

Live updates:

Volunteers are coming together to clean up in the aftermath of the riots – see for details.

Note: this post will be updated periodically. Last updates 10/08/11 at 16:46pm. More regular updates will be posted to our Facebook.


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A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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One Response to The riots

  1. James says:

    ye that makes take our police, then they all these rioters take a train to london and smash that up. stupid.

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