Bulldoze date for Dale Farm leaked!

So, we are now aware that the bulldozing of people’s homes at Dale Farm is to be commenced on the 19th September.

It is more than a smidge disingenuous that the courts have taken the approach of embracing the facade of fairness in that they’re hasty to remind all critics of the legal conclusion that the residents of Dale Farm were given several appeals. I say disingenuous because in asserting that it is fair, you are by default expected to subscribe to the idea that the legal system -which largely lends itself to the interests of property owners- is going to ever have presented these people with a chance. The council are arbitrarily intent on pouring £18,000,000 into the removal of this decade-old site which houses a considerable number of people.

Solidarity with the people of Dale Farm is crucially important due to the virtually unrestrained antics of the police and demolition bunch alike -it will be interesting to see if the vocalised support of various public figures goes some way to pressuring the authorities to have a less Spartan approach whilst fucking up the resident’s lives…though probably not.

Trashy tabloids have played a considerable role in demonising travellers and gypsies or whatever it is that they prefer to call them at this precise moment in time – synonymous, right? It all aims to achieve the same thing; to legitimise the persecution of a certain sect of our society. Our propaganda chiefs thrive on this culture of otherisation; for the purpose of setting this perpetual Hegelian Dialectic as the focal point of discussion for the rest of time.

Let’s not see the 19th be another one to add to the ever-growing list of lefty skull-smashing spectacles, this struggle has ample publicity and support to be a success story.


About York Anarchists

A group of anarchist radicals living and working in the city of York.
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