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Fare play

This week – from Saturday 7th to Saturday 14th July – sees a UK-wide week of action against workfare, called by Boycott Workfare following the national How Do We Break Workfare conference in Brighton. Before the week had even started, Holland … Continue reading

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Flashback: the 1995 Full Sutton prisoner’s strike

On 10th May of this year, prison officers across the UK walked out (more info) against plans to raise their pension age. The issues around this are too much to go into here, but Phil Dickens of Truth, Reason & Liberty recently … Continue reading

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Housing in York

Saturday 26th May sees an event being held by York Welfare Campaign entitled entitled Here to Live, Here to Stay. Timed as part of UK Uncut’s Great British Street Party, the event is both a celebration of the city and a … Continue reading

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Bonding Warehouse to be developed (finally)

The York Press this week reported that the Bonding Warehouse, a building by the side of the river near Clifford’s Tower, has been bought by local developers: YORK’S historic Bonding Warehouse has been bought by a developer and looks set to … Continue reading

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York activists denied entry to Palestine

This weekend saw the beginning of Welcome to Palestine, an initiative aimed at bringing solidarity activists from around the world together in Palestine for a series of conferences, social events and solidarity work such as help in building a school … Continue reading

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Workfare protests in York

This Saturday, 31st March, saw groups across Europe take part in an international day of action against capitalism. A full list of events can be found at along with reports from the demonstrations and other actions, with further updates … Continue reading

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Picketing Adecco – solidarity with the CNT!

On Friday 24th February members of York Anarchists and others took part in a picket of Adecco (leaflet here) in solidarity with members of the CNT in Cordoba, Spain. This picket was part of a series of pickets held across … Continue reading

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